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Commercial Properties

A wide variety of retail and office space is located in the heart of downtown Sharon, PA. First floor retail space can be found as well and 2nd and 3rd floor office suites with beautiful views overlooking the Shenango River.

Winner Rental can accommodate all your professional needs from 1,500 sq. ft. to 175,000 sq. ft.

Property Details

Address Description Sq. Ft.
32 West State Street Retail and office space available in four story building. 175,000
7 West State Street Three story brick building with single floor rear attached structure 4,500 sq. feet. Bank leases first floor, office space available. 18,855
98 East State Street Three floor multi use building, fully rennovated interior. 30,000
75-83 East State Street First floor retail space. Second floor offices. 15,000
80 East State Street Three story brick building. First floor retail, second floor office space. 4,560
20 Silver Street Vacant land. 800
Winner Rental ~ 32 West State Street ~ Sharon, PA ~ tel: 724-981-1152 ~ info@WinnerRental.com